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Longtan Lake Park

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Longtan Lake Park is located in zuo'anmen, Dongcheng District. It is a water area gradually formed in Jiajing period of Ming Dynasty to burn City bricks and dig out large depressions. At that time, it was not named Longtan Lake. Now, Longtan Lake Park is a scenic spot composed of three connected waters, with land and water area of 120 hectares and water area of 700 mu.
Longtan Lake Park is a moat to the South and east of it. Zuo'anmen Street passes through the lake. The whole park covers an area of 1.2 million square meters, with a circle of about 2.5km. Is a rippling, tree lined, water based garden.
Once there was a little boy who accidentally slipped into the water. Two retired old workers jumped into the water to save him. The little boy was saved, but the two old workers died in glory. In order to commemorate them, there is a statue built for them in Longtan Lake Park.
Location of Longtan Lake Park, No.8 Longtan Road, Dongcheng District, opening hours: 6:00-21:00, admission price: 2 yuan, famous scenic spot, Yuan Dushi temple, country, city of China, Beijing, suitable for all seasons
Development history
It used to be a brick kiln in the Ming Dynasty when the outer city was built. Later, it turned into a stinking puddle. In 1952, the man-made lake was excavated. More than half a million cubic meters of earth was piled up in the lake into two small islands, and the road around the lake was built. It was renovated into the East, middle and West three lakes, covering an area of more than 680 mu, which is larger than the sum of Shichahai, Houhai and Jishuitan. Various flowers and trees were planted in the park, and a large park was built The name of Tan lake is Liang Sicheng.
From 1984 to 1985, Longtan Lake Park was rebuilt, and another year was spent to complete the landscaping project in 1986.
Structural layout
The park is dominated by waterscape, highlighting the characteristics of Longhe lake. There are Longshan, Longzi forest of Steles, Bailong Pavilion, classical buildings such as Longyin Pavilion, Longxing stone carving and Longqiao. Longyin Pavilion is a unique water loft in the northern garden; Longtan scenic area is composed of 14 peaks, with cascading peaks and cascading waterfalls from 14.5m high rocks; Longzi Stone Forest scenic area is made up of natural rocks, with numerous steles, collecting 229 dragon characters inscribed by Oracle Bone Inscriptions, Qin Zhuan, Jin Wen, and later generations of famous calligraphers and celebrities.
A fragrant garden is built on the central island of East Lake. In the south, it is a fragrance Pavilion. It is a hall hall for a national form, with a promenade extending into the water and a marble Pavilion at the end. There are Yuanchonghuan temple, Xizhao Temple (ancient Baitang), pagoda of Jin Dynasty, Liutang of Qing Dynasty and other historic sites in and around the park.
Chongwen District is going to build Longtan Lake Sports Industrial Park, and it is planned to build the first sports industrial park in China and the largest sports theme park in the city by 2008. The landmark building, Longtan Lake Park, the largest rock climbing field in Asia, was opened to tourists in January 2003.
Main attractions
The world of the Dragon: designed and built a number of buildings and decorations in the image of the dragon;
Yuandushi Temple: in memory of the outstanding general yuan Chonghuan at the end of Ming Dynasty, also known as Yuansi.
The park is mainly divided into six scenic spots: longyinge scenic spot is the unique water Pavilion in Beijing Garden; Longtan scenic spot is composed of 14 peaks, with many peaks, cascading waterfalls from 14.5 meters high and 3 meters wide; Longzi Stone Forest scenic spot is composed of natural mountains and stones, with numerous steles. It is a collection of the famous calligraphers and celebrities of oracle bone inscriptions, qinzhuan, Jinwen, Han, Jin, Northern Wei, Tang, song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, as well as the evolution of Chinese dragon shape. There are 229 dragon characters.
In July and August, the lotus pond of Liantang Huayu scenic area is full of water, which is beautiful and swaying on the ripples of the clear waves. Longmen scenic area is the water inlet of the park. A pair of white marble carving faucets protrude from the stone wall of Longmen, and the faucets spray water into the dragon pool surrounded by the strange stones in front of the porch. In wanliutang scenic area, there are not only the flying Weilong, but also the elaborate analysis of Jiulong, integrating culture and garden.
Tourism information
[scenic spot traffic] No.6, No.8, No.12, No.35, No.41, No.60, No.116, no.807

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