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China Aerospace Museum

Source:www.flychinatravel.com Clicks:Date:2019-11-23 17:46
Located in the East Highland of Fengtai District, China Aerospace Museum is the largest exhibition window of China's aerospace technology. It was opened in October 1992. The exhibition hall is a magnificent modern style building, which is composed of preface hall, main hall, high-tech application achievement hall and classification system professional technology hall. The China Aerospace Museum is located in the China Academy of launch vehicle technology, more than 10 kilometers south of Tiananmen Gate, the central axis of Beijing. The exhibition area is over 10000 square meters.
The first batch of national primary and secondary school students' research and practice education bases.
Chinese Name: China Space Museum foreign name: China Space Museum category professional museum location: 8:30-17:00 (weekday) 8:30-11:30, No. 1, South dahongmen, Fengtai, Beijing; 13:30-15:30 (weekend) collection of boutique fengyun-1, dongfanghong-1 and dongfanghong-2: 30 yuan, old people and students: 15 yuan, leaving China's city of Beijing suggested two hours of playing time suitable for playing season may and September opening time October 1992
The China Aerospace Museum is located in the China Academy of launch vehicle technology, more than 10 kilometers south of Tiananmen Gate, the central axis of Beijing. The exhibition area is over 10000 square meters.
China Aerospace Museum is a professional museum to display China's Aerospace Science and technology and achievements, and a window for China's aerospace publicity and exhibition. It has been named as "the ideological education base of the central state organs", "the national science popularization education base", "the Beijing Youth Science Popularization Education Base", "the aerospace spirit education base" and so on, and has been rated as the advanced science popularization work of Beijing for many times Collective. There are three exhibition halls in China Aerospace Museum. The exhibition halls on the first and second floors are external exhibition halls, which are mainly divided into more than ten exhibition areas, such as carrier rocket, manned spaceflight, artificial satellite, lunar exploration, rocket launch demonstration, spacecraft, China Aerospace image, comprehensive introduction of aerospace group, ancient space exploration, international cooperation and exchange, and future space outlook. With the development of China's aerospace industry as the main line, these exhibition areas vividly show the past, present and future of China's aerospace industry through full and accurate historical data and rich physical objects and models, and with modern display means.
The China Aerospace Museum has built a platform for space enthusiasts to pay attention to space, understand space and love space, so as to inspire the enthusiasm of visitors, especially the majority of young people, to study space science knowledge and their determination to serve the country when they grow up.
The part of "ancient space exploration" shows the achievements of ancient China's astronomical exploration by making exquisite astronomical observation instrument models such as "armillary sphere", "Chronograph", "quadrant" and ancient "rocket" exhibits such as "rocket screen", "swarm of bees" and "fire dragon out of water" which once showed great power in ancient wars, indicating that China is the hometown of rockets.
The main hall displays the real objects and models of the long march series launch vehicles developed by our country. They have sent domestic and foreign satellites into space for many times. There are 10 LV satellites in the satellite area, such as fengyun-1, dongfanghong-1 and dongfanghong-2. In the western part of the hall are the engine series of launch vehicles, which are the heart of the launch vehicles.  In addition, here you can also enjoy the exuberance of the returned satellite recovery cabin from the sky, and enjoy the spectacular scene of the whole process simulation demonstration of the famous "Long March 2" bundled rocket launching Australia star.
In the exhibition hall, ancient civilization and modern brilliance complement each other. At the end of the exhibition, the exhibitors creatively simulate a wonderful moon fairyland, which is full of interest and imagination under the glow of colorful lights. Up the escalator, the exhibition hall on the second floor shows the promotion and application of aerospace high-tech achievements, and the exhibition hall on the third floor introduces the professional technology of each classification system.  A well-equipped academic lecture hall is also built in the museum, which often carries out academic exchange activities.
Since ancient times, human beings have been longing for space and have made a lot of exploration for it. The development of modern space technology provides a possible means for human to travel in space. The space museum is a good place to show the course of human spaceflight and carry out popular science education by high-tech means.
Development history
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is a state-owned super large-scale sole proprietorship enterprise established with the approval of the State Council on the basis of some enterprises and institutions affiliated to the former China Aerospace Industry Corporation. It is an investment institution authorized by the state and directly managed by the State Council. The registered capital of the company is 9 billion yuan.
China's aerospace industry was founded in 1956. The aerospace management system has experienced the historical evolution of the Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of national defense, the seventh Ministry of machinery industry, the Ministry of aerospace industry, the Ministry of aerospace industry and China Aerospace Industry Corporation. In June 1999, in order to better adapt to the development of the socialist market economy, according to the resolution of the first session of the Ninth National People's Congress, with the approval of the State Council, China Aerospace Industry Corporation was reorganized into China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Corporation and China Aerospace Electromechanical group corporation.
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has five large research institutes: China Academy of launch vehicle technology, China Academy of space technology, Shanghai Academy of space technology, China Academy of aerospace chemical power technology, China Academy of Aerospace Electronics basic technology, two large research and production bases: Sichuan Aerospace Industry Corporation and Xi'an Aerospace Science and technology Industry Corporation, as well as several directly affiliated ones Research Institute, factory

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