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Beijing film tourism city

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Beijing film tourism city is a new scenic spot integrating tourism, film and television services and cultural entertainment. President Jiang Zemin wrote the name of the city.
Beijing film tourism city is located in the northeast corner of Jimenqiao, the middle road of the Third Ring Road in the north. The opening hours of Beijing Film Studio are 7:00-17:00. The ticket price is 60 yuan for adults, 60% for the team, and half for the student group. The service items of Ming and Qing style street are tourism, film and television service and cultural entertainment
Basic introduction
Beijing film tourism city is a new scenic spot integrating tourism, film and television services and cultural entertainment. President Jiang Zemin wrote the name of the city. Come here to have an actor addiction, feel the charm of film and television, and take photos with film artists. There are four scenic spots in the film city: rongguofu and ningguofu. It is the scene of the film dream of Red Mansions. Through the film stunt synthesis, dynamic effect onomatopoeia, star cartoon exhibition and film stills props Exhibition, the film art and basic knowledge are displayed.
Technical equipment
Huan Zhu Ge
Dream forest stunt Studio: it is a small-scale studio that embodies the comprehensive artistic means of film stunt, scene making, lighting, props, music, dubbing, etc.
Location of film and television shooting - Ming and Qing style street: it reproduces the old Beijing ancient city street. There are more than 300 film and television films such as Huanzhugege I, Camel Xiangzi, teahouse, the old story in the south of the city, farewell my concubine, Prime Minister Liu Luoguo, king of adventure and so on. Visitors can see the performance of stars here.
Laser gun battle City: This is a military amusement project developed by using high-tech means. Tourists hold laser guns, climb mountains and mountains, break through checkpoints, "save people's quality", "seize national treasure", "kill gangsters"... The amusement is novel and wonderful.
Picture list
Ticket Price
Opening hours: 7:00-17:00 admission: 60 yuan for adults, 60% off for the team, half price for the student group location: in the Beijing film studio located in the northeast corner of Jimenqiao Middle Road, North Third Ring Road
Traffic hints
Take bus No. 22, 16, 367, 387, 302, 331, 300 to Beitaipingzhuang station and get off, then go 300 meters north west.
Scenic spot
Summer Palace, Beijing Botanical Garden, Beijing Ocean Museum, Xiangshan Central Television Tower, Zizhu yard, Pacific Ocean Bottom world, Yuyuantan Park, Shuangqing villa, Sun Yue tomb, Edgar Snow tomb, Beijing West Water Tour, maha'an, tailing, China Bee Museum, Prince alcohol tomb (seven kings tomb), jinxian'an, gelip tomb, exhibition hall, China century altar, China Post and Telecommunications Museum, firearm camp, lotus Huasi Fenghuangling cliff lettering Tuancheng martial arts hall Chinese people's Revolutionary military museum Biyun Temple Chinese Academy of Sciences botanical garden daoxianghu Natural Park Aquatic Wildlife Treatment Center Central University of Nationalities Museum Beijing film tourism city Beijing Art Museum Cao Xueqin Memorial Museum Stone carving art museum Wei Taihe statues Lying Buddha Temple Yuquan mountain Dahui Temple Yangtai Mountain Scenic Area Jiufeng Li Black Temple of Dazhao cemetery, Jimen smoke tree monument, Jinhe dike monument, Qinghe ancient temple of Western Han Dynasty, Temple site above the site of Fenghuangling Zhenjue temple (five pagodas Temple), Yuanmingyuan of Dajue temple, cherry Dinghui temple, Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery, Heilongtan and Longwangmiao, Dazhong temple, Beijing seismic base station, Jinxiu Dadi Agricultural Sightseeing Park, Academy of Agricultural Sciences, forest and Fruit Research Institute, Beijing Meteorological Station, Beijing Astronomical Observatory, cishou temple, Xiangshan mountain slide Xuechang, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Botanical Garden, Dayuan, Haidian Mosque, Diaoyutai, blissful temple, Puzhao temple, Huayan Temple, huanguyuan, Jingfu temple, lilianying house, Lianhua temple, capital gymnasium, Yangong temple, Xinhai, luanzhou revolutionary memorial tower, yuheqiao, Beijing Normal University, 318 martyrs' tomb, aviation Society of Beijing, Beijing Aviation Museum, Longquan Temple, Yuquan mountain (jingmingyuan), Xiufeng temple, Yuejia garden, old Address: stone tower of Xiasi, Lianhuachi Park, Wanshou temple, Zhengjue Temple
List of scenic spots
List of tourist attractions in the eighth District of Beijing

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