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The National Stadium

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The National Stadium is located in the south of the central area of Beijing Olympic Park, with a total construction area of 80890 square meters. It is one of the landmark buildings in the central area of Beijing Olympic Park. The national gymnasium, commonly known as folding fan, is one of the three main stadiums of the Beijing Olympic Games.
The national gymnasium project is mainly composed of the main building of the gymnasium, a warm-up hall close to it and the corresponding outdoor environment There are 18000 fixed seats and 2000 temporary seats in the venue. During the Olympic Games, the Games time function for competitive gymnastics, trampoline, handball venues, during the Paralympic Games is the use of wheelchair basketball venues. After the Olympic Games, as the first-class sports facilities in Beijing, the national gymnasium has become a collective sports competition, cultural entertainment and multi-functional service center for citizens.
As an ice sports venue for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, the national stadium has preliminarily formed a transformation plan, which will be started before the end of 2018.
Chinese name National Stadium foreign name National Indoor Stadium covers an area of 687 hectares with a building area of 80900 square meters commencement date May 28, 2006 completion date November 2007
Construction history
Construction unit
The owner of the National Stadium is Guoao Investment Development Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the investment, construction and operation of the National Stadium. The design unit of the project is Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute, the construction unit is Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd., and the supervision unit is Beijing jingdafang engineering construction supervision company of Beijing Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.
The National Stadium project was officially started on May 28, 2006. Liu Qi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee and chairman of the 29th Olympic Games Organizing Committee, and Wang Qishan, mayor of Beijing and executive chairman of the 29th Olympic Games Organizing Committee, attended the opening ceremony of the venue.
Construction period
1. On May 28, 2006, as one of the three main stadiums of the Beijing Olympic Games, the national stadium construction project was officially started.
2. On November 25, 2007, the national stadium construction project was completed and accepted.
Stadium structure
Solar photovoltaic power generation equipment
In the early stage of construction, the steel slag balance weight of Shougang was used in the foundation pit with a depth of more than 20 meters, which solved the problem of building anti floating caused by groundwater seepage and absorbed 33000 cubic meters of waste steel slag, up to 800 tons. The grid connected solar photovoltaic power station built on the south side of the gymnasium is the first solar power generation system combined with the main building body of the gymnasium in China. The solar panel is installed on the roof of the gymnasium and the partial glass curtain wall in the south. It can not only generate electricity, but also provide sunshade, daylighting and rain proof functions for buildings. The power generation of the power station is mainly responsible for providing lighting for the underground garage, avoiding the peak power consumption of the power grid in the daytime.
Thermal insulation glass curtain wall
The gymnasium adopts the thermal insulation glass curtain wall composed of low radiation hollow glass and metal plate, making full use of natural lighting, effectively reducing the operating cost of the gymnasium.
Air conditioning and ventilation system
In order to reduce the energy consumption of the building, the air-conditioning system is used in the museum. The auditorium is divided into several areas, and the air-conditioning and ventilation systems are respectively set up to facilitate the control and improve the operation efficiency. In the audience area, the layered air conditioning mode of air supply under the seats is adopted, which can only maintain the lower room temperature of the large space and save energy.
Centralized garbage collection
In addition to the classified collection of domestic waste under normal conditions, a large number of waste generated during the competition will be specially treated. A centralized garbage collection place will be set up on each floor of the museum and collected to the basement garbage clearing room. Toilets are flushed with reclaimed water, which saves valuable tap water resources. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of buildings and outdoor projects, rainwater will be collected and utilized to save water resources.
Sliding steel roof truss
The steel roof truss of the National Stadium is 144 meters long from north to South and 114 meters wide from east to west. The whole steel roof truss project of the stadium is composed of 14 trusses, with a total steel consumption of 2800 tons. The steel roof truss has a fan-shaped wave curve, which is the largest two-way steel truss string structure system in China.
In order to install the steel roof truss on the roof truss of the national gymnasium, the construction technicians first adopted the sliding construction technology of nine "robots". The construction personnel shall first assemble the steel roof truss on the ground, then hoist each part of the assembled steel roof truss onto the roof for assembly, and strictly control the position of welding points of the steel roof truss. Nine "robots" installed between the steel roof truss and the track are controlled by a computer, which are unified into a moving program to control the time and travel of sliding In the process of sliding, the robot will relax under the action of hydraulic pressure, just like a snail walking with a large shell on its back, carrying hundreds of tons of steel roof truss to the set position.
Safety channel identification
The national stadium has set up a certain sinking square on the West and north side of the stadium. During the games, athletes, media, VIPs and other personnel can directly enter the stadium through the sinking square. The East and south sides of the stadium are equipped with gentle slope type audience gathering square. The audience and sponsors can directly enter the audience layer of the stadium through the gentle slope type gathering square from the city road, avoiding the intersection with athletes, media, VIPs and vehicles.
Glass "clothes"
By the beginning of February 2008, the curtain wall of the national gymnasium has been installed. The curtain wall installation is divided into three categories: frame curtain wall, point curtain wall and aluminum plate glass, with a total area of about 19000 square meters. All the glass is hollow Low-E glass, which has the effect of heat preservation, heat insulation, UV protection, etc., to ensure that the personnel in the venue are not affected by the outside climate, and can normally carry out activities such as competitions.
(photo album inside and outside the National Stadium photo source:)

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