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Miyun Confucious'Temple

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Miyun Confucious'Temple
There is a archway gate in front of the main courtyard. It is divided into three gates, with Lingxing gate in the middle, Jinsheng gate in the East and Yuzhen gate in the West. There is a man-made "Pan pool" in the gate, on which there are two side-by-side single hole small stone bridges (i.e. "three steps and two bridges", one of the eight sceneries in Miyun County). There are three wing rooms in the East and west respectively. The east wing is the famous official Temple, and the west wing is the Xiangxian temple. Passing pan pool is halberd gate. There are three halberd gates, namely "three gates", and one East-West Corner Gate.
Location of Confucian temple in Miyun County Gulou East Street Road covers an area of more than 4000 square meters construction time 1291
Geographical location and introduction
geographical position
Miyun Confucian temple is located in the north of Gulou East Street in Miyun County. It was built in 1291. It covers an area of more than 4000 square meters and faces south.
brief introduction
The main building is 5 Dacheng hall and 7 East and West verandahs. In the backyard of Dacheng hall, there are Minglun hall, Zunjing Pavilion, xueshu office, Chongsheng temple and Qisheng temple. In the East, there is Wenchang hall, and in the west, there is Jiexiao temple. Except for Dacheng hall, all other buildings were demolished. Dacheng hall is 10 meters high, with a total area of 181.48 square meters. It is the only palace style ancient building of Ming and Qing Dynasties in Miyun County.
The first postcard in Dacheng Hall of Miyun Temple
Duan Qida, a member of China Photographers Association, took the picture of Dacheng Hall of Confucian temple in Miyun County. As one of the main pictures of postcards printed in Taiwan to commemorate Confucius, it was officially released at home and abroad. This is also the first time that Dacheng Hall of Confucian temple in Miyun has been put on Taiwan postcards.
It is reported that there are eight postcards in this set. The postcard with the design of Dacheng hall in Miyun temple is numbered 19 series: 95-8-1, with the specification of 14.9 × 10.4 (CM). The postage pattern is the full-length image of Confucius, with a face value of NT $2.50. In the upper right corner of the postcard, there is the words "Confucius said: similar in nature, but also distant in learning". This set of postcards is designed by Mr. Kong Lingxin, chairman of Taiwan Jiayou Electronic Co., Ltd. Mr. Kong, now over 90 years old, is a descendant of Confucius. Over the years, he has collected photos and relevant materials of Confucius temples in most provinces and cities in China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and other places. This set of postcards designed with the main picture of the temple Dacheng hall are the most representative of the Confucian temple buildings.
According to the Beijing Encyclopedia - Miyun volume, the Dacheng Hall of Confucian temple in Miyun County was built in the fourth year of Tang Xianqing (659), destroyed in the war in the Yuan Dynasty, rebuilt in the 28th year of yuan to yuan (1291). It is located in the library yard of Miyun County. It is the only palace style ancient building in Miyun County. In 1983, it was identified as a county-level cultural relics protection unit by the people's Government of Miyun County.

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