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Beijing amusement park

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Beijing amusement park stands in the middle lake of Longtan Lake in the south of Dongcheng District. It was completed in 1984 with an area of 530000 square meters, including 170000 square meters of water surface. It is the first large-scale modern amusement park in Beijing.
Beijing amusement park is located in the golden zone of the center of Beijing. Compared with Tiantan Park, it is less than 3 kilometers away from Wangfujing Commercial street and Beijing station. It is a large-scale modern garden amusement park jointly operated by China and Japan, and it is a AAA level scenic spot approved by the state. After June 17, 2010, the company ceased its business activities. In June 2011, Beijing amusement park was demolished.
Chinese Name: Beijing amusement park geographical location: Beijing covers an area of 530000 square meters, opening hours: 9:00-18:00, scenic spot level: national AAA scenic spot ticket price: 120 yuan, famous scenic spot: God Bird magic disk
Storm Rider
Country of rock King Kong City of China Beijing suggested 1 hour playing time suitable for summer and Autumn
Paradise environment
Beijing amusement park is located in the golden zone of the center of Beijing. Compared with Tiantan Park, it is less than 3 kilometers away from Wangfujing Commercial Street and Beijing station. It is a large-scale modern garden amusement park jointly operated by China and Japan and a national AAA level scenic spot. The park covers an area of 400000 square meters, including 115000 square meters of water surface. There are more than 40 large-scale modern amusement facilities in the park. With a single ticket system, you can take more than 20 large-scale amusement facilities imported from abroad with unlimited number of tickets, such as spiral taxis, stormy waves, big boats, torrents, Grand View cars, etc., so that tourists can fully enjoy the fun of playing. In addition, a number of large-scale modern entertainment facilities have been introduced, such as the "Earl Royal double deck horse ride" - let you take a Royal Horse turn on a luxury cruise ship, and take you into the colorful fairy tale world; "magic sword wheel" - let you fly over the air of more than 20 meters, up and down, and feel the stimulation of "flying clouds and fog"; and "magic bird plate" - let you rotate at a high speed for a while Rising and diving for a while, you can find the pleasure of space flight in the sense of weightlessness and overweight, and feel the ancient Maya culture at the same time. These items are included in our all-in-one ticket, and there is no limit to the number of rides. Let you have one ticket to play to the end!
Beijing amusement park is one of the earliest established amusement parks in China. Most of the amusement facilities are imported from abroad. Over the years, it has been constantly updating the amusement projects. Both the technical level of amusement projects and the number of amusement projects are in the top of the domestic amusement industry.
As a well-known amusement park in China, Beijing amusement park has a large number of advanced amusement facilities imported from abroad, many of which are the top or only projects in China, such as the largest 4D movie theater in China, the world's largest torrent brave project - stormy waves, the fastest rollercoaster - spiral coaster, the king of world amusement machines - Stormriders, fantasy Masters Themed amusement items - magic disc of birds and gods, these items are highly interactive and participatory. The characteristics of these devices are that they affect tourists psychologically and physiologically, so that tourists can really experience pleasure and joy.
Features and advantages
1. Superior geographical location: it is located in the Second Ring Road, one kilometer from the east side of the Temple of Heaven. There are nearly ten direct buses, convenient transportation.
2. Superior enterprise name: Beijing is the capital of China and The Place that 1.2 billion Chinese people yearn for. Beijing amusement park has a rare opportunity to be named after "Beijing". It is also the first large-scale amusement park built in this city with high popularity.
3. Unique brand effect: according to its own characteristics, two brand cultivation projects of cartoon image and popular science tourism have been developed, which have been continuously enriched and improved for many years and have been recognized by tourists.
4. Strong comprehensiveness of the project setting: on the basis of the original equipment projects, the efforts of landscape construction have been increased, science popularization projects such as 4D cinema have been developed, and the southwest gate leisure and fitness area has been added, so that Beijing amusement park can adapt to more tourist groups with strong comprehensiveness.
5. Beautiful landscape: Beijing amusement park adopts the aesthetic principle of Chinese classical garden design: to develop first, to show first, to set off big with small, and to make the best of music. Let the tourists look for the hidden scenery and taste the implicit beauty. Get the aesthetic taste of moving scenery in a short rest.
Beijing amusement park was closed on June 17, 2010 due to the expiration of land lease, and operated for the last time in early 2011. In June 2011, except for Ferris wheel, all amusement facilities in Beijing amusement park were removed.
service idea
1. Positioning: a comprehensive large amusement park integrating high-tech amusement projects, popular science tourism projects and elegant landscape.
2. Enterprise spirit: cooperation, enterprising, sincerity and dedication
3. Business philosophy: constantly meet the needs of people's opinions
4. Service tenet: safety first, service first
5. Slogan: happy paradise, the holy land of carnival; Beijing amusement park, more exciting and fun.
Practical information
Ticket information
Individual fare
1. 120 yuan / person (tourists over 1.4m in height)
2. 80 yuan / person (between 1.2-1.4m in height and over 60 years old with certificate)
Free for tourists under 1.2m
[note]: in case of any change in ticket price, the price list published by the north gate ticket office shall prevail.
Group tour fare
More than 40 people can buy group tickets with the letter of introduction and enjoy preferential price.

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