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Beijing bell tower

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bell tower, located in di'anmenwai street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, is the north end of the old Beijing central axis. The original site is the central Pavilion of Wanning Temple of datianshou in the Yuan Dynasty. It was built in 1420 and then destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt in 1745 and completed in 12 years. The south of the bell tower is a triple gate connected with the wall. Inside the middle gate is the monument of the bell tower rebuilt in 1745 (the 12th year of Qianlong's reign in the Qing Dynasty). The square seat of the bell tower is built with the title of the stele of the imperial reconstruction of the bell tower. The Yang of the stele is the stele of the Jingzhao Popular Education Hall written by Liang Shizheng, the Minister of the Jingyan family, and the Yin of the stele is the stele of the Jingzhao Popular Education Hall written by Xue Dubi in October 1925 (the 14th year of the Republic of China).
Beijing bell tower location: di'anmenwai street, Dongcheng District, Beijing covers an area of 6000 square meters. Opening hours: 9:00-17:00. Admission price: 20 yuan / person. Half price discount for students: 10 yuan / person. It will be built in 1420. The city of China, Beijing, is suitable for playing all year round
Brief introduction of bell tower
The bell tower is more than 100 meters north of the drum tower. It was originally the central Pavilion of Wanning temple in the Yuan Dynasty. It was first built in the ninth year of the Zhiyuan Dynasty (1272), and later destroyed in the war. In the 18th year of Yongle reign of the Ming Dynasty (1420), the bell tower was rebuilt together with the drum tower, but it was destroyed again soon after. In the tenth year of Qianlong's reign (1745) of the Qing Dynasty, it was rebuilt and completed two years later. In order to prevent fire this time, all buildings are made of masonry. It was once used as an office by Beijing air defense headquarters and was transferred back in the 1980s.
The bell tower covers an area of 6000 square meters. It is a peak building with double eaves and a total height of 47.95 meters. Four sides of the base of the ground floor are all equipped with coupons, and 75 stone steps are set in the main building which can go up to two floors. The main building is three rooms wide, with black glazed tiles and green scissors on the top, and white marble xumizuo on the bottom. There is a coupon door on four sides. There is a stone carving window on the left and right of the coupon door, surrounded by stone guardrails.
The bell tower has an octagonal bell frame, hanging a large copper bell made by "Ming Yongle Jiri". With a height of 7.02 meters, a diameter of 3.4 meters and a weight of 63 tons, the bell is the largest and heaviest ancient bronze bell in China, known as the "king of bells". Its bell is long and mellow. In the past, when there was no tall building in Beijing, it could spread for tens of miles. Originally, this bell was not hung in the bell tower, but it was also a large iron bell made in Yongle period. However, due to its poor sound quality, it was later changed to a copper bell. The original iron bell was placed beside the wall and has been collected by the Ancient Bell Museum of Dazhong temple.
Near the bell tower, there used to be a golden stove Niangniang Temple to sacrifice the daughter of a craftsman. It is said that she threw herself into the furnace for the purpose of making a bell, which made her father finally forge a copper bell that met the requirements within the prescribed time limit. At present, the temple only remains.
The original bell tower, a cast iron bell in Yongle period of Ming Dynasty, was placed on the flat ground outside the building and then collected by the Ancient Bell Museum. An octagonal wooden frame is arranged in the middle of the bell tower, on which the bell is suspended. The bell was cast in the 18th year of Yongle, Ming Dynasty. It is 7.02 meters high, 3.40 meters in diameter and weighs about 63 tons. It is the heaviest copper bell ever found in China.
The introduction of the title board on the bell tower calls this clock the king of ancient bells, which should be the largest and heaviest ancient clock recorded in China and even in the world.
Historical legends
On the top of Beijing Bell Tower is a huge copper clock. The sound of the bell is thick and powerful. It's bright and long. You can hear it for miles around. It's called the king of ancient bells. How is such a huge copper clock made? It is said that there was an iron bell in the bell tower, but the sound was not loud enough, so the emperor ordered the craftsmen from all over the world to cast the bell. But three years later, the bronze clock still failed to be made. The emperor was angry, and beheaded the eunuch, and ordered the clock to be made within 80 days, otherwise all the craftsmen would be beheaded.
The master in charge of the clock casting is Huayan, a famous copper craftsman at that time. In order to make this big clock, he did not think about food and tea, could not sleep at night, and exhausted his efforts. When he came home that day, he still said, "what's the reason why the clock can't be made?"? I'm afraid there's something missing! "At this time, Hua Xian, my daughter, came here. When it comes to Hua Xian, that's a good girl. She was not only smart from childhood, but also learned a lot of copper work from her father. As a result of her mother's early death, she took on the burden of the family at the age of 14. At that time, she was 16 years old. She rose and fell like a fairy. Everyone praised that the old copper craftsman had a good daughter.
For the purpose of making a clock, she also pondered for many days. Seeing her father worried, she hurried forward and said, "Dad, is it because the fire is not there?" Old copper craftsman claps thigh: "have reason! However, how to raise furnace temperature?" "I have a way." Hua Xian said with confidence, "take me to the day when you cast the bell."
When the day of making the bell arrived, the officials of the imperial court and craftsmen of all sizes arrived, but the temperature of the furnace still couldn't go up.  Seeing that the last furnace of copper water will fail again, Huayan's eyes are red with anxiety. Just then, a girl suddenly ran out of the crowd. It was the beautiful Hua Xian. She wore a red jacket and trousers, and a pair of embroidered little red shoes. She rushed to the fire and jumped into it. Huayan didn't catch it, only one embroidered shoe. In a flash, the fire went up and the copper water rolled. The old copper craftsman gave an order: "make a bell!" The craftsmen worked hard together and finally the bronze bell was made.

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