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Jumbo Kingdom

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Treasure kingdom is one of the two famous sea boats in Aberdeen Bay, south of Hong Kong Island, with a long history. It is composed of treasure seafood boat and Taibai seafood boat (formerly including Haijiao Palace). It is a famous landmark in south of Hong Kong. Many people generally summarize the whole treasure kingdom in the name of "treasure seafood boat". At present, the treasure kingdom is managed by the Hong Kong listed company Melco International Development Co., Ltd., where Chow's film "God of food" is shot.
Location of treasure Kingdom Hong Kong climate type subtropical monsoon climate built in 1950
Taibai seafood boat, built in 1950, has the longest history in the treasure kingdom. Taibai seafood boat was set up in response to the "Song Tang pontoon" boom in Aberdeen typhoon shelter. "Song Tang pontoon" is the predecessor of today's "seafood boat". It has appeared since 1920s. The restaurant, which was originally opened for people on water, only accepts reserved seats. Later, it was welcomed by businessmen operating north and South lines, which made the business of seafood boat carry forward. During the heyday of the 1950s, there were more than ten seafood boats parked in Aberdeen typhoon shelter. Among them, Taibai seafood boat was the largest one. Yuan Rong, a businessman who originally operated the Grand View Restaurant (Yongji's current site) in Wellington Street, central, invested in it and was later purchased by Wang Laoji, a businessman.
Taibai seafood boat was originally a wooden landing boat when it opened. In 1952, it built a 105 foot long boat. In 1960, it built a 150 foot long new boat, which can hold more than 800 people. At that time, the Taibai seafood restaurant even presented Ivory chopsticks to the guests to attract tourists.
Treasure seafood boat barge
By the end of 1960's, Wang Laoji, who owned Taibai seafood restaurant, intended to develop a larger one, so he raised money to build treasure seafood restaurant. Unfortunately, on October 30, 1971, a month before its opening, treasure seafood restaurant was burnt down due to a fire, which killed 32 people and left 13 missing. As Wang Laoji was unable to reinvest, he and Zheng Yutong jointly bought the ownership of the treasure seafood boat.
The treasure seafood boat was officially completed in October 1976. It was built in four years and cost more than 30 million Hong Kong dollars. The treasure seafood boat imitates the design of the Chinese court. The traditional Chinese handicrafts and murals alone have cost 6 million Hong Kong dollars. It will take two years for the emperor's Dragon chair to be completed. In the same year, another seafood boat, Haijiao palace, was completed, which brought Aberdeen's seafood boat into the situation of Three Kingdoms. With a capacity of 1500 people, Haijiao palace has become a powerful rival of the treasure seafood boat. Until 1980, treasure Seafood Restaurant successfully acquired Haijiao palace and Taibai seafood restaurant, ending the competition between them. In 1991, Haijiao palace was put into service again in the name of Treasure Palace, and then sold to other places after the financial storm in 1997. In late 2003, treasure seafood restaurant and Taibai Seafood Restaurant spent tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars to redecorate and change their old image, and they were collectively called Treasure kingdom.
Tourist attractions
The treasure seafood boat is 76 meters long, 22 meters wide and 28 meters high (three floors high), with a drainage capacity of 3300 tons and an area of 45000 square feet. It can accommodate more than 2300 guests. Therefore, it is known as the "world's largest marine restaurant".
Treasure seafood boat is a famous scenic spot in Hong Kong. Because it is located in the sea and decorated with traditional Chinese Imperial Palace features, it has become a must for foreign tourists. Many travel books have recommended tourists to this scenic spot to taste seafood. So far, the number of tourists has exceeded 30 million. The giant seafood pool of treasure seafood restaurant has more than 60 kinds of seafood and the largest ultraviolet disinfection system in Hong Kong. In addition to seafood, treasure seafood restaurant also provides Cantonese and Chinese dishes such as dim sum. The kitchen is set on an independent pontoon, which connects all floors of the seafood boat with an overhead jumping board bridge. In 1996, treasure seafood boat spent 18 million Hong Kong dollars to build a sewage treatment ship alongside the kitchen ship, which is the largest sewage treatment ship in Southeast Asia.
Celebrities vs movies
The treasure seafood boat attracts many famous people from home and abroad, including Queen Elizabeth II, international superstar honor, Uber liana, William Holden, tangulus and so on. Many famous films are shot in the treasure seafood restaurant, such as Hollywood movie love and death, dragon fight and tiger fight starring Bruce Lee, Infernal Affairs 2 (2003 film) and God of food starring Zhou Xingchi, etc.
Visitors can take a free shuttle from deep bay or Aberdeen Beach Park.
Walk from exit D of MTR Hong Kong station to Central Trading Plaza bus terminus, take bus 70 to Aberdeen, get off the bus, cross the pedestrian tunnel to the waterfront, turn right and walk to the sea boat pier for free barges, or take bus 75 from Central Trading Plaza bus terminus to Shenzhen Bay yacht pier for free barges

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