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Wangwu village house

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Wangwu village is located in the old Wangwu village, Southeast of yuanzhoujiao, Shatin District, New Territories, Hong Kong. Wangwu village was established by a couple of Wangs from Xingning, Guangdong Province, during the reign of Emperor Qianlong about 200 years ago. The existing house was built by Wang Qinghe, the 19th generation of Wang family, in 1911. In 1984, the Hong Kong government took over the royal house and built a royal garden nearby. On December 22, 1989, the royal house was listed as a legal monument in Hong Kong.
Chinese Name: Wangwu village, location: Shatin District, New Territories, Hong Kong construction time: 1911, now known as Hong Kong Legal monument
In the 19th century, yuanzhoujiao was a transportation hub for passengers and goods between Guangdong and Jiulong due to its geographical location. Wangwu village gradually became a trade station where business and tourism gathered. The Wangs once set up "Yili inn" beside their houses.
However, after the establishment of the land transport network connecting the new territories and Kowloon at the beginning of the 20th century, the importance of Yuen Chau Kok began to decline.
The reclamation project of yuanzhoujiao and the coastal area was launched in the 1970s in response to the development of a new town in Shatin. The rapid filling of Shatin sea changed the island appearance of yuanzhoujiao and became a part of the Bank of Chengmen river. During this period, the government successively acquired the fields and fish ponds in yuanzhoujiao and shatianwei. Many old buildings in the area were abandoned and demolished in the process of urbanization. This old house is the only one left. It was once sold to people outside the village for residential and factory purposes. Now it is the only mark in the history of Yuen Chau Kok.
This century old house is a typical traditional Hakka house with two floors. It is a three Bay building with two entrances and one patio. It is mainly made of granite and blue brick. It supports the wall body with wood oak and purlin, and forms a golden roof with tiles. The wall base of the house was built with the very expensive Huagang stone at that time. The entrance of the main gate was made of the finely cut Huagang stone as the door frame, and then a wooden gate was added to the gate. The front yard was surrounded by a low Huagang stone wall. The floor of the house is paved with diamond shaped Guangdong large-scale brick, with exquisite murals and traditional decorations inside and outside. The front wall is decorated with exquisite grey sculptures, murals and skillful hand carved cornices. The cornices of the gables are decorated with straw tail grey sculptures. After passing through the front vestibule, there is a patio, a bathroom on the right, a kitchen on the left, a brick chimney connected with a smoke stove, a sleeping room for the second two entrances, and a wooden loft. The walls of Ming Dynasty are painted with auspicious patterns, and the tie beams are respectively carved with auspicious sentences such as "one hundred sons and one thousand grandchildren" and "longevity and wealth".
General protection of residential buildings
It is in good condition. In 1996, it carried out a number of repair projects. In 2006, it replaced the damaged wooden components and carried out internal renovation projects.

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